Day Five: Bleem!

Of all the games and hardware for the Dreamcast that we report on each and every day, it would be difficult to think of anything that has garnered more questions, speculation and comments in general than bleem! for the Dreamcast. Every morning we open our emails to at least 10 letters asking us when they will be able to purchase bleem! for the Dreamcast. Most of these letters go unanswered, because the truth is — we don’t know.

If bleem! for the Dreamcast ever does come out, not only will it make it possible for 400 PSOne games to be played from the Dreamcast, it will also take advantage of the Dreamcast’s superior hardware by rendering the games at 640×480 pixels (twice the resolution of most PSOne games). And that’s not all; bleem! will also improve the look of older games with full-screen anti-aliasing and bilinear filtering.

Bleem! utilities would have been released in four separate packs, each one offering compatibility with 100 different Playstation One titles, and each pack was to contain games from a wide spectrum of genres. A pack was to retail for about $19.99, and we originally believed that all of this goodness would hit the Dreamcast in the summer of 2000.

So What Happened?
Bleem! for the Dreamcast has been the subject of a seemingly endless string of delays. The initial holdups were most likely caused by the lawsuit Sony brought against Bleem! on April 2, 1999 that included two Temporary Restraining Orders and a Preliminary Injunction. The lawsuit failed and it looked like bleem! would finally come to the Dreamcast — and almost on time. However, since then the product has been delayed over and over again. Although Gamestop and EBWorld both have the bleem! scheduled to come out early this year, we would rather not count our chickens before they’re hatched. Every time we get excited and tell our readers that bleem! will be released on a certain date, the date invariably gets pushed back.

It appears as if the product (at least the first disk) is already finished and ready to go, so what’s the holdup? Numerous attempts to secure an interview with the good people at bleem! have failed, so we can only speculate. While the future of bleem! for the Dreamcast is still not certain, one thing is: There is something that we’re not being told. For now we can only wait. As mentioned in the above review, there is also an alternative for this game and that is SimCity Buildit. With the help of, you can be the best city buildier in no time.