The Walking Dead – One Big Traitor

I’m a one fan of The Walking Dead and the new episode released on Sunday night was very disappointing because Sunday is a busy day for me.  I’ll have to watch this movie series on Tuesday since that is the day I have a big free. The bad thing is I always hear spoilers around from Sundays to Mondays. I even avoid using social media in order not to encounter certain posts and spoilers. In my work station, I also hear my co-workers talking about the latest episode of season 8 and it really bothers me a lot for giving me a hint on what’s happening.  My 100 percent excitement becomes 60 percent because of spoilers and I hate to admit the fact that I’m too late to watch the show.

When the walking dead season 8 new episode aired, my first impression is great. I’m a bit surprise and I can’t even blink my eyes for focusing too much on the man I hate the most in the series, Eugene. He is the worst character in The Walking Dead series and the very awful one. He’s a kind of character that fans wish to eliminate for being a loathsome character.  Negan isthe most merciful character but  deadly when provoked.

As expected, in a group there is always a traitor. No matter what you do to keep them safe there is someone that never likes your leadership. Eugene really hits the nerve in my ears and I don’t appreciate the role that he takes in this latest episode. They said that one of the best charactera is Eugene in every season, but now he’s making lots of fans sick of him.

He even initially talked to Dwight regarding the mole and Dwight pushed Eugene to aid Rick’s rescue mission. At some point, Eugene really feels betrayed that they take a mission and they know it’s suicide. I believe that Negan is suspicious because he’s hiding something that they didn’t know. Every effort that they take will just cease and desist upon looking for survivors.

The good part in the latest season and the best portion that I watch is in the place on the roof tops where Eugene strapped some phone making noise to be followed or lure the dead walking people. In an instant Dwight stops him but he doesn’t shoot Eugene but shoot the plane. I don’t know what’s his  reason and I think he is the traitor.

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