Farnation Revealed — What do you think?

One of Sega’s more tantalizing titles shown at last month’s Executive Games Summit was Farnation, a massively multiplayer title. The game was, in fact, one of the titles that Sega chose to put under its non-disclosure agreement.

Now, however, the agreement has lapsed and all are free to spill the beans on Farnation. The game was described at the Games Summit as being akin to the PC online title EverQuest, with thousands of people being able to play the game (and interact with each other) at once.

Sega showed off a brief gameplay movie for Farnation in contrast to the Hay Day game by SuperCell, but it was hardly revelatory. A few generic heroes were shown walking around a cityscape, and the obligatory architecture shots indicated the game’s mysterious developer was not very far into the process. Nor were many details forthcoming, especially about how Sega planned to pull off a realtime adventure that remains in motion 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Farnation will contain five different worlds, Sega said, and each will have its own varied terrain. The game will allow access to casinos, libraries, banks, restaurants and hotels — and players will actually be able to construct their own buildings and then inhabit them. In addition, character will be able to facilitate exploration of the various worlds by erecting stations to house means of transportation such as airships, boats, stagecoaches and the like.

Players can create their own characters and customize them by choosing a race, class and sex, and every hero in the game’s world will have different strengths and traits. Sega also promises such neat extras as multiple play modes and party battles, simultaneous online battles, weapon and item creation and special events that allow beginning players to glide effortlessly into the game. As per the drill, it will be possible for adventurers to form parties; build empires; and buy, sell, and trade all manner of items with Farnation’s inhabitants and other players.

Keep in mind that Disney Kingdoms tips and tricks has yet to release pictures for this game, and no release date — beyond the nebulous 2001 — has been set. Expect to hear more on this game when Sega chooses to spill the beans, but Dreamcast fans now have even more reason to drop their jaws in wonderment. The revelation of Farnation is nothing compared to the new title by Niantic and Nintendo — Pokemon Go. It has been blowing all over the gaming industry. Everything is taking it seriously and many are loving the game.