Underground Locations That Remains Mysterious

Just as man has skimmed the heavens with some of the most impressive architecture today, we have also penetrated the ground beneath our feet. Here are  mysterious underground locations.

Denver International Airport
For years, the Denver International Airport has had a secret underground area that has left people baffled. Conspiracy theorist thought the underground area could be anything from a secret bunker to a secret government project. While the airport tried to ease tension by holding a contest for winners to check out the area, they insist that the underground areas used to support the airport. But visitors have noticed a mysterious alien etched on the wall, furthering the mysteriousness of the airport’s underground location.

Orvieto, Italy
Deep beneath the City of Orvieto, Italy a series of underground structures, including strange pyramid-like structures were discovered. The city of Orvieto dates to medieval times, and the underground location was believed to have been built between the sixth and fourth century BC. What was the pyramids function? That is where the mystery remains, with historians and archaeologists working fervently to try to crack the case on a constant basis.

Quinta Da Regaleria
Quinta Da Regaleria is a historical castle with a pair of wells that spiral deep into the earth near the town of Sintra Portugal. If you think the wells were used for water, think again. The wells never had anything to do with water, and historians believe that the wells were instead used for initiation rites. Tunnels and caves connected the two wells together known as Inverted Towers and Initiation Wells. Answers to the Wells’ origin lie in the details. For example, one well has nine platforms, believed to be referencing to Dante’s nine circles of hell. While the other well has specific stairs and spacing believed to be referencing Masonic principles

Milk Grotto Chapel
Located in Bethlehem in Jerusalem, the Milk Grotto Chapel is believed to be the place where the Holy Family hid before they fled to Egypt during the slaughter of the innocents that threatened baby Jesus’s life. There are three different caves in the space and is believed that a drop of the Virgin Mary’s breast milk fell to the ground and turned the caves white. Today, there is a chapel built on top of the caves and it is a Marian Shrine, making it a popular stop for Christians all over the world.

Stockton Street
In the United Kingdom, there was a baffling discovery of an under ground street and tunnel in the town of Stockton under the Gloucester house in September 2016. Experts and historians were shocked to find that the tunnels stretched all over the town and yet there is nothing to indicate what they were used for. Perhaps the tunnels were used as getaway paths or as a hiding spot in the authorities, the mystery remains and luckily experts are working tirelessly to solve the mystery of the underground Street and the tunnels that reach out from it.

Bavarian Erdstall
Near Doblberg mountain in Bavaria a dairy farmer named Beate Greithanner had the surprise of her life when she fell waist deep into a sinkhole. After further exploration an Erdstall, meaning tunnel, was discovered. About 700 of these small tunnels have been discovered around Bavaria so far, and an additional 500 discovered in Austria. The tunnels average to around 80 feet in length and are just big enough where someone can walk around them while hunched over. Experts are baffled though over why the tunnels were built in the first place, as little explanation has been found.

Derinkuyu was an ancient, multi-level underground city near the Nevsehir province of Turkey. The city was about 200 feet underground, and was so massive that it could have housed as many as 20,000 people along with their food supply and livestock. But why was the city built in the first place? While it remains a mystery, there is a theory that the city was built to protect people from invasions from the Mongolians in the 14th century, and then switch inhabitants until the tunnels rediscovery and excavation in 1963.

Deadly Fire Station
For 60 years, a fire station underneath a large factory laid untouched. Located in Dudley, in the United Kingdom, the Alan Nuttall partnership was the company that bought the building and discovered the fire station which was built in 1915. What makes the underground location so mysterious is that, everything was still in place, overall untouched with uniforms hung and hoses stored and put away, like the firefighters had just ended their shift, never to walk back in again.

Gilmerton Cove
In a suburb of Edinburgh, Scotland known as Gilmerton, a mysterious underground cave with networks of tunnels and secret passageways have baffled historian since its discovery. The cave is believed to date back around 2,000 years and includes stone tables and chairs with hidden rooms in a complex floor plan. Historians believe that location may have been an underground druid temple, while others believe it was a place created by a blacksmith in the seventeen hundreds. Regardless of the origin, Gilmerton Cove is one of the most popular tourist places in openning to the public in 2003.

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